HVAC Service & Solutions



Whether you engaged Moore Air for installation of your HVAC systems or have existing systems, you will need informed and innovative service and solutions to keep your investment operating at its highest level. They need to operate and minimize your effort in managing. Moore Air can provide various solutions to ensure that our client’s systems are operating effectively and quickly repair in the event of breakdown.

• Customized Preventive Maintenance Program
• Emergency Service
• Planned HVAC Unit Replacement Program
• Equipment/Service Audits
• System Design and Engineering

Construction Services


Moore Air understands that our clients want a job done right. That involves having the right design, the right product mix, the right professionals on the job, minimal waste and a positive customer experience. We bring these elements to every project at a reasonable cost and delivered on or ahead of schedule.

• Plan and Spec Projects
• Design/Build Projects
• Air Quality Assessments
• System Start-up and Commissioning
• Professional Engineering
• Project Management

Facilities Management


Moore Air can assist building owners in a scalable approach to the management of their facilities. We can be engaged to support your existing facilities staff, develop a process to manage specific function, or develop a customized plan to manage a network of systems. The result is a solution that will assist in operation and maintenance (O&M) cost containment, reduce “trouble-calls” and improve productivity of building occupants.

The foundation for Moore Air’s model for facility management is accountability. This requires our team to develop systems and processes that clearly illustrate the roles each partner will play in the management of a facility. These processes are comprehensive as a facility much operate in a consistent manner.